Honolulu Glow LLC takes the sourcing, design, and production of its innovative luminescent pavers very seriously. We have worked closely with our materials suppliers, manufacturing facilities, and performance measurement consultants to ensure the highest possible standards of quality and performance, while minimizing the environmental impact.

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Illuminance​ Testing Results

The active luminescent material in Honolulu Glow LLC's Glow Stone, has been measured for light output by an independent international testing lab.

The testing uses globally recognized metrics to measure not only light output, but also the decay rate of the luminesence.  The net result is a yardstick to measure the visible light output over time.  

Click here to see the results of the luminescence testing from an independent test lab.

Material Safety Data Sheet​ (MSDS)

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a global document template that is used to reveal the composition of a chemical compound.  It is used in transportation and handling of compounds and products contain compounds as ingredients in their manufacture.

Honolulu Glow LLC's unique luminescent aggregates have been tested and found to be inert, non-toxic, and resistant to solvents, acids, and detergent compounds.  

Click here to read the complete MSDS for our luminescent aggregate.​​